Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What's NASA & Hubble got to do with ebay?

Many people ask how Delphinus Dreams got it's name, the truth is cosmic.
Inspired by science and a love of nature... in a sun lounger at about 2am one hot summer night.

A small, but beautiful Constellation was shimmering overhead..

So daydreaming (or should I say nightdreaming?) Delphinus Dreams was launched, allowing me to sit back and reflect on lazy summer nights while working.

So what has NASA & Hubble got to do with ebay?

Probably not much to anyone else, but as a busy ebay user, amature astronomer & Naturalist
amongst many other things, it seemed natural to combine my business name with things relating to me.

I love the internet, being able to view the stunning images from Hubble
and get all the latest info from NASA
I can't understand why more people are not inspired to take some time out to study the beauty of the Universe.

Sorry, I digress (I'll probably do that quite often) but I hope this helps explain the name and how it came about.

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