Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to relax....

Nature likes to remind us to stay on our toes!
Todays picture was taken by Jaimie, it was a lazy sunny morning and we sat at the side of the lake drinking coffee, enjoying the peace when these little guys almost fell on my head.

My first reaction was a bit sweary, it certainly woke me up!
While he rushed off to get his camera I took a closer look and realised they were just not interested in me at all, which was a relief, because they were huge and look just a bit deadly.
I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of one that's for sure.

Once you get over the size, their obvious ability to sting and the alien/predator-like jaws, they really are quite beautiful, and as I was delighted to later discover, quite docile, which was nice to know because as we took in our surroundings we realised there were quite a few of them flying about.
I don't even object to the unknown little beastie that left me with an eye like a golf ball the other night
I'm a rational person, but there are always exceptions....

Yes, so far, the scariest beasts I've dicovered out here are these girls in the picture above, I met them on the marshes earlier this year while following a path to see where it goes...
Well, now I know!
I'm not silly, I've read the news and I know they knew what I did with my Horseradish sauce, you can see it in their eyes.