Monday, 18 October 2010

Time to reflect

Time, it's a funny old thing, we live our lives by it, some have too much, others too little, I always seem to find I just don't have enough hours in the day. Working for myself means I can fit everything around me, many of my old customers will know I've kept some strange hours in the past.

Being a keen star gazer and sun worshipper leaves me with an obvious dilemma during the lazy hazy Summer months, but now Winter is drawing near and I look forward to cold, crisp, clear nights.

Personally it's been a fantastic year and as the theme is reflecting I'd love to share these photographs taken on our many walks around Norfolk, if you'd like to contact the photographer with any comments or for copies of the originals you can email him here.

The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in April caused massive problems for many, but it also gave us beautiful Sunsets that were too good to miss.
The picture above was taken at Burgh Castle.
We have 100's more, hopefully I can give you a weblink to them all soon, watch this space

In June we sat on the East Coast with the dogs all night to catch an early Summer Sunrise

It was well worth staying up all night for!

July was just as stunning, here are a few that shall leave me with beautiful memories of Summer 2010

Meanwhile it's been a difficult year for Delphinus Dreams
the shop has changed host, the site is still under construction and stock is still to be added, much of the stock from the ebay shop is being slowly moved to the website and while I'm still trying to get to grips with search engines. It has been wonderful to take time away from the computer and enjoy time to re-energise and relflect on how things change.

I was amused to find an email recently listing me as a top Astronomy blogger, I realise my hobby has overflowed into my business and perhaps I should've been selling telescopes!
They have asked if I would like to accept this honour, but as yet I am unsure how to reply, because if you read beyond the first paragraph it lists all the bloggers as top Anatomy blogs, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone in my typos.
So here is my award with thanks to

It's priceless, I am a master of my category, even though I have not yet found the category I fit into, nor am I likely to ever stay on theme.
Now if we can find a Master of chaos award I think I would be most deserving.