Friday, 22 October 2010

Well, it's back to work, but take some time for the Orionid Meteor shower

It's the weekend! I hope you all have a good one, I don't know what I've got planned myself yet.
I've added some new stock to my website
In time for Halloween we've got some freaky skull ashtrays and Grim reaper incense ash catchers


Once I've caught up with work, I'm hoping the skies stay clear for the Orionids
It will be a full Moon so it might make the meteors harder to spot, but it's always worth taking some time out to see them if you can.
Should the Moon be too full and bright then it's always worth aiming the telescope in that direction, it's a sight I can never get tired of.
This picture was taken in June at Belton, the Moon was very low on the horizon, giving it the stunning red colour.

I shall keep my fingers crossed for clear skies tonight, if you're out there wrap up warm!