Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lost in the tangled web and pondering Teens...

I'd much rather be lost in Norfolk!
I've been busy this week with websites, I don't have 100's of Jaimies pictures to upload any more, it's more like 1000's! So I've been busy building a website to showcase them.
As soon as it's ready I will post the link.

We were back at Burgh Castle the other night, the skies were so clear we could see the Milky Way!
It was so cold though, I made the mistake of sitting on a frozen bench and sat there with my teeth chattering away while he took some stunning photographs, some of them can be found on the BBC's Stargazing album 
There's only a couple, but so many others have uploaded fantastic pictures I've just linked to the group so you can browse them all.
Some are just Awesome!

I find it hard to understand why my teenagers do not feel inspired when they look up to the skies, perhaps it's a teenage thing, I don't know?
When they were younger we spent many a night stargazing and escaping to the countryside to enjoy meteor showers.
I think when they're younger it's easier to accept magical & beautiful things, and according to my delightful treasures I'm just a bit of an old Hippy! 
Thanks kids!

On our way home the other night I watched a young Man with a toddler in his arms pointing out the constellations, the baby was thoroughly enjoying himself, pointing to the stars and chatting away happily, it was lovely to see, but it got me wondering ..
Just what happens to our delightful young offspring that are curious about everything around them that turns them into a mode where everything is dull, and boring and met with nothing more than a grunt?

I know this phase doesn't last long, but I just can't pinpoint exactly when it starts, or ends. I'm sure it doesn't really last as long as it often feels like it does

I have subliminal MP3's on my website, perhaps I should leave them playing in a loop one night while they're sleeping, somehow I think they'll notice though and swap it for Rap!

Enough pondering for now, I'd better get back to my HTML nightmares! Watch out for the new webby coming soon! :o)