Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A spectacular start to the New Year!

Lunar Eclipse Great Yarmouth 21/12/2010
I would like to wish you all a very Happy New year!
What a beautiful start to the year it has been, Winter Solstice gave us a beautiful Lunar Eclipse and yesterday we had a partial Solar eclipse.  
Absolutely Beautiful!
I was woken Wednesday morning with a phone call from Jaimie, telling me to wake up! Get up! I was missing it!
I don't think I've ever got out of so bed so fast, and I don't think I can repeat the message on my answerphone that he left before he managed to finally wake me up.
I'm so glad he did though, thanks Jaimie!
I should've got up earlier though as I left myself no time to travel to catch the eclipse so had to stand at the end of my road and get some pictures before the Moon was too low on the horizon..
I'm sure this amused my neighbours no end.

Yesterday we managed to see and capture the Solar Eclipse on the East coast, it was very cloudy for much of it, but patience paid off and, well, you can see from the pictures, simply stunning!
I never used to be a morning person, but sights like these make mornings well worth getting out of a snug cosy bed in the middle of winter for!

It was freezing on the beach!Just when you are gazing at the clouds wondering why on earth you are standing there freezing, quickly losing faith in our Great British weather, there it was!
A gap in the clouds and a 10 minute window, suddenly you forget your fingers are about to drop off and your feet are frozen to the ground and you realise just why you're standing on a windy sand dune in the middle of winter.
Just Awesome, well worth freezing for!

I'm still trying to inspire my teenagers into enjoying all these stunning cosmic events, I only hope as they get older they'll appreciate the beauty and wonders of our Universe.
In the meantime I'll just carry on as I am with my internet ramblings and  treks around the countryside.

The New Year is an exciting time for Delphinus Dreams we've been trading on ebay for almost a decade and feel it's time for some changes, our ebay listings will slowly be removed and stock moved over to our website.
In the meantime if you are looking for stock to sell or bargains to be had, please contact us as we'd like to clear the stock as soon as possible and concentrate more on the website and other exciting projects in the pipeline.

Have a very happy 2011!