Monday, 17 January 2011

Winterton Nature Reserve and Caister on Sea

I'd had a lazy week catching up online with various tasks and Friday night told Jaimie I needed some exercise after sitting by the keyboard all week.
So, exercise we did! He took me to Winterton, we've been there before but mainly on the beach, this time we parked at a different spot and started our walk at the dunes.
It was quite warm for mid January, the only chill came from the strong winds when we reached the highest points of the dunes, but it was a beautiful walk, and for us, an until then undiscovered treasure.

Standing at the highest point taking in the scene beneath us was quite something, as the sunlight filtered through the clouds it reminded me a little of Snowdon, the shapes and colours the plants added to the dunes, the various depths and irregular shapes have now earned it an affectionate nickname, the mini mountains :)

I found it hard work keeping up with Jaimie and his beautiful dog, Black. They climbed the hills with ease, but I struggled, making the most of the foot holds Jaimie had created on the way. I'm sure Black knew I felt unsteady on my feet, and I'm sure he was laughing each time he ran into the backs of my knees as I wobbled along the irregular pathway. It was great!

Climbing the highest dune was hard work, but thankfully the beautiful scenes inspired Jaimie to pick up the camera so I managed to catch my breathe while he snapped away. I will upload some of the pictures here later, but for now I've still got months worth to catch up with, so many beautiful places!

The wind was battering us up there, but it didn't really feel cold until the sun dropped below the horizon, as soon as Jaimie had caught the last of the sunlight I was keen to go back down before I blew away!
Once we got to the bottom we found a marked pathway and a sign telling us about the Nature Reserve, apparently it's home to various unusual birds including Terns, Marsh Harriers and the rare Montagu's Harrier has been spotted there.
It's also home to Natterjack Toads, Adders and numerous Moths, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Rabbits and much more. I'm keen to go back and get to know the Wildlife there.
You can read more about the nature reserve here
If you don't feel up to climbing the dunes, there's a fairly easy pathway alongside, it would be easy with a childs pushchair, but I think it might be a bit too bumpy for a wheelchair, although midsummer when it's drier it might be easier to get along.

Sunday we went to Caister, Jaimie was experimenting with the camera, catching the waves break against the rocks.
I used this time to soothe my tired legs from the day before, and had my first paddle of the year, yes it was freezing, certainly refreshing and woke me up on a lazy Sunny afternoon!

I think it was a Plover (will check later) that sat on the rocks in front of us and seemed more than happy to pose for photos.

I shall look forward to seeing Jaimies pictures, in the meantime I should get back to work and get some more uploaded on our new website

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