Thursday, 31 March 2011

Freedom! The best of Naturism

No,this isn't my usual kind of blog post. My facebook friends will know about the naturist site I found today, totally by accident I must add.
Being a keen reader, and a lover of British beaches, I had a read through the site and I just had to share some of the best bits with you.

These are reviews from visitors to the listed beaches;


"I know it says clothes optional, but really, a man walking round in a shirt and under pants on a hot sunny day!"

"The beach at shellness is quite amazing: deserted, sand and fine-ground shell (obviously). Nice view across to the packed beaches of whitstable and herne bay, and rather beautiful Decaying Groins.. the nudist section, however, is somewhat less appealing."

"I've been down to leysdown a few times but have been unfortunate enough to find mainly the 'meerkats' there. I've mainly been at the weekends."


"I would not recommend this beach... which is a great shame because it is clean and the water is great and fairly clear."

Long rock beach;

"The "Naturism is not condoned" signs have gone, as have the kiteboarders"

"No unpleasant smells from the sewage works in recent years."

"didn't notice any other nudists but the people that were dressed didn't blink"

"[how long does it take to walk to the naturist beach from Folkestone?] It depends where you start from"

  Holkham Bay 

"If I didn't have my girlfriend there to protect me I wouldn't feel comfortable getting my kit off on this beach"

"A beach tent is a must"

"There is no such thing as a 'gay' beach"

Corton sands

"The water quality is good(a state of the art sewage works is nearby).Swimmers need to be competent-in 3 steps you can be out of your depth and there is a long-shore current.."

I think the decaying groins was the best comment!


  1. I've been to Winterton a couple of times, once years ago pre kids with a few friends, we bought cheese and beer, smoked spliff and didn't leave our little dune bunker. Good job! I may well be wrong but I think it was the place also we drove to from Cromer when I was pregnant with Hat, a mile walk to the beach... sea was out, a little pool of sludge for the kids to splash in and many warnings about the tide coming in and taking your children away without warning! (Or something like that) Being the heavily pregnant, overtired lady that I was, had I seen a willy, I may have speared it with my windbreak on sight. Lots love! x

  2. Haha brilliant Max, so glad you didn't spear anyone! :-o