Thursday, 31 March 2011

Have you seen the Great White Shark on the Norfolk coast?

No, neither have we, nor have we seen the Puma or Panther recently seen in North Norfolk, but we will keep our eyes peeled and promise you updates should we see either of these beautiful Beasties on our travels.

I've seen some huge paw prints around the marshes, but in all probability it was a Great Dane or another large dog.
The local Deer don't seem to be too bothered and I don't think any farmers have lost cattle or sheep around the Broads to some unknown, mysterious beast.

I could be wrong though, if you have any photos of large wild cats prowling your area, please show us, we'd love to see them and will share them on our website.

As for the Great White Shark, well no we've not seen that either, stories started after a Porpoise was found washed up on the shore with large bite marks on it's body.

What's the biggest fish you've seen on the East Coast?