Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Positive thinking does work! Super Moon Saturday

Scroby Sands wind farm, Caister. March 19 2011

Turned out to be a rather spectacular day!
We spent the day at the beach, wandering around the dunes we found a pond alive with Newts enjoying the first warm sunny day of Spring. The power of positive thinking must have worked this time, the fog had cleared and the skies were clear.

After sitting in the sun for a while watching the Newts make the most of this gorgeous sunny day we decided to take a stroll along the beach before the Moon came up.
When we got there we quickly realised we'd have to go another way.
That section of the beach was full of Seals also enjoying the warm Spring sunshine, so we headed back up over the dunes and down the other side to sit and watch them from a distance.

The sun started to go down, so we walked back along the beach, being followed by some of the Seals. They'd pop their heads up now and then to watch us as we walked away.
They are fantastic to watch and it was an unexpected bonus of the day, I was thrilled to see them again.

We went along to Caister, just to catch the moon rising over the horizon, it was a dramatic red and looked stunning coming up over the blue sea, fantastic!

Spring is finally here and what a spectacular start to the season!

I am so pleased to report my earlier image of speedboats along the Broads isn't quite how it's going to be.
I've asked around, but no-one could answer me, however a little more Googling and I found The Norfolk Broads Authority Waterski map

That's great news, for both Watersports fans and the Wildlife.
It looks like the Harriers and Owls can nest in peace, brilliant :o)