Monday, 8 August 2011

Today it's a dog blog, here's Grylls our little Bear

Grylls first day at the beach
We have a new member of the family here at Delphinus Dreams, I'd like to introduce you to Grylls, he was found as a stray and about to be destroyed before he was rescued by Walkers creek.
I'd like to thank Claire for telling us about him, he's been with us just over a week now and is settling in really well.
We are not too sure how old he is, but he's obviously only a few months old, he still has all his milk teeth, very sharp little milk teeth!
He was underweight when we brought him home, but he's eating 4 or 5 times a day now and slowly gaining weight.
Considering his rough start, he's a very happy little Pup, on his first day in to town he joyfully greeted everyone that wanted to say hello, and had me laughing like a loon as he passed the shop windows trying to greet the identical puppy he saw in each one!

We don't know what breeds Grylls is crossed with, but it looks like he's going to be quite a big dog, his feet are almost the same size as Blacks already!
Black & Grylls at Fritton
It's been a busy week helping the little one settle in, and he's had a great time at Fritton forest and Winterton beach.

Walking through town can be difficult at times, it's obvious this poor little pup is used to begging for food, he will try and sit outside every single food stall or cafe we pass, so we'll only go through town after meal times, or else we'll never get anywhere, no-one can resist his little hungry puppy face.

The first 3 or 4 days were a bit of a nightmare, poor little Grylls would try to eat everything he saw, even if it wasn't edible! But he's a fast learner, and with a full tummy, he's realising he can afford to walk away from scraps, although given a choice he would eat every smelly corpse he's found on the beach, he does like smelly!
He had his first bath here Saturday after wallowing in the marsh at Fritton, then Sunday he decided he fancied a bit of duck and took a dive into the broads to try and catch one.
We'll keep him on a long lead for a while, I think because he's had to fend for himself he would quite happily run off given half the chance!
Grylls at Fritton

We took him to How Hill yesterday, he met a couple of Whippets and a Greyhound in his usual joyful bouncy way, one of the Whippets let him know it's just not socially acceptable to nibble ears, it was a bit of a shock for Grylls, but hopefully he will be a bit more gentle next time.
The Greyhound, Penny was a bit too timid to let him too close, but in usual Grylls style he learns fast and I think it wont be too long before he learns his canine manners, I had a lovely long chat with Penny's owner about dogs, boats and bread (like you do). He suggested I just introduce Grylls as a Bernese mountain dog, because it's easier than pondering what mixes might be in there, perhaps I will.
So far people have suggested terrier, Wolfhound, Poodle, Collie and GSD.
What do you think?
Whatever he is, it's going to be fun watching him grow, and I look forward to keeping you updated with how he's getting on. I'm sure he's going to have some fun times with us, and whatever he is, we think he's just wonderful!
Grylls first swim