Thursday, 22 September 2011

A bit late for spring cleaning!

It's been a busy few weeks here, but it's all good news!
To celebrate our new website we are offering all customers 10% off all purchases made on our new  website!
See below for details.

Not so little Grylls

Grylls the little pup is just not so little now, he's growing fast and is a big, bouncy, healthy boy who still hasn't quite got used to the length of his legs yet! 
He loves water, anything, the sea, river or puddles, funny how he hates the bath though!

Fritton Forest appears to be safe now, which is wonderful news, sadly more trees are due to be felled, but they are planning on planting some before the felling starts again.

The Delphinus Dreams gift shop is slowly moving to a new server, we are featuring Jaimies work there too with it's own section Sunsets and Seascapes. 
I'm currently working on another blog just to keep regular customers updated on stock and new lines from Nemesis Now and Alchemy Gothic.
The theme matches the colours of the new shop, and this blog seems to be more personal which was accidental but nice all the same.
So to keep up to date with the more gothic gifts at Delphinus Dreams bookmark 

There's more to come though, it's not all dark, gothic and fairy folk, we have some beautiful homeware, ornaments, bathroom goodies and other gifts due to be uploaded soon.
Less stock will be listed on ebay as I want to concentrate on getting the whole catalogue uploaded on the new website.
If you spot any glitches please let us know, we are ironing them out as we go.
To qualify for the 10% discount use code star51 in the box as you go through checkout.