Thursday, 13 October 2011

Away with the Fairies at Delphinus Dreams

Tyson at Delphinus Dreams
I've always been a fan of Nemesis Now! I love the awesome Dragon figurines and have collected them myself for years, it's a pleasure to be involved in selling them now, I enjoy sending these beautiful, collectable pieces to customers who are also fans of these stunning creatures.

I never really consider myself a Fairy kind of person though, and I thought it would be a chore selling them, after all it's much easier to sell something you're passionate about.

I always considered Fairies to be a bit... girly I suppose.

I remember a few years ago, I bought a pretty little fairy online for my Mother, I thanked the seller when she arrived safely and told her my Mother still believed in Fairies.
The seller sent me a lovely message back, and made me laugh when she said "When you grow up, you'll believe in Fairies too"

Maybe I grew up, maybe being surrounded by these beautiful figures at Nemesis Now I have been captivated by their charm, maybe they are magic. (there are at least two people I know reading this smiling, and nodding, like I've finally fallen for the spell they knew I would).

Tangled at Delphinus Dreams
At first it was the artist collections that got me, I love the attitude you can see in Aly Fells Tangled, just look at her, she's not quite what I expected a Fairy to be with her leather mini skirt, rock chic look, tattoos and devilish horns, she really is unique!

Next I find Jasmine Becket Fairies capturing me with their spell, they are comical, in various predicaments and situations and are irresistible with their big eyes, expressive faces, look at this little one in a proper mess, was she bound and tied by someone else? Or did she get herself in a tangle? Whatever happened she doesn't look very happy about it!
Red Ribbon Fairy Delphinus Dreams

Her wings are stunning like a delicate Butterfly, but with the black hair, blue streaks and tied in a knot she doesn't look like you're average fairy.

What is an average Fairy? I really don't know, there are so many different types!

So the Gothic and the Rock Chic Fairy folk really appeal to me, I'm not into all the floral pretty Butterfly delicate fairy creatures, and then I found Serena.

She is so very girly, so pretty, delicate and errr, yes Fairy-like and I love her!
I suppose I've been converted into the girly fairy world I've tried so hard to ignore!
Serena at Delphinus Dreams

She's dressed in nothing but vines, decorated with delicate tattoos and has huge but dainty wings that are resting as she relaxes on a Mushroom while kneeling on a bed of woodland flowers.

So I have to admit, I do like Fairies, I just didn't know it until I'd met a few, much like people you just have to learn to look beyond your initial impressions.

A Fairy blog..... I never thought that would happen!!!