Thursday, 6 October 2011

Google, ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing and Delphinus Dreams

Sometimes it feels too easy to get lost as the internet continues to grow and I do wonder if customers and friends wonder if it's me when they see Delphinus Dreams elsewhere.
If you're into social networking and want to stay up to date with what we are doing I hope this blog helps you find a way to stay up to date with the news that's relevant to you, although if you've followed me for some time you will know things are liable to change, it seems that is what I do best.
This originally started as a business blog, but when I moved away from London my direction changed and this little space on the web evolved into my little advertising/ranting/pondering/protesting/admiring and general chill out space.
I like to think of it as a place where friends and family can see what I've been doing, and customers can see a human side to the business so I dare say the evolution will continue as long as I'm here!
I just thought to make it easy, I'd put the networks I actively use in one place.
Firstly ebay, because that's where most of my original customers found me. There's not much stock listed on my ebay any more as I'm moving it all onto the  website.

Other places you will find Delphinus Dreams are Facebook, please stop by and like our page if you are a facebook user, you can stay in touch and stay up to date with us easily there.

You can also find us on Google+ 

also on Twitter
and Yahoo (just search Delphinus Dreams on pulse)

For updates on the Nemesis Now and Alchemy Gothic items we have a blog dedicated to them only at Gifts from the Darkside
It's a brand new blog but worth bookmarking if you want updates about the Dragons, Collectables, Fairy Figurines, Gothic figurines and the stunning English Pewter Jewellery.

For updates on the beautiful photography by Jaimie you can follow Sunsets and Seascapes on Facebook, you'll also find news on the gorgeous little Grylls there as well as here.
If you're on Tumblr you can add us on there too but the focus there is on the Nature and Landscape photography, not all the general blogging like here.
Sunsets and Seascapes also has it's own Facebook page, so please follow us there too.

If you have a website and would like to exchange links, please contact us.

Delphinus Dreams, the original blog will be staying right here with updates on everything we're doing.
Just exactly what are we doing? I wish I knew, but I know it'll be interesting finding out, stay with us, it's going to be fun!
In the meantime please shop at the new website, there's much more variety to choose from and  if you're a regular customer or a regular reader of my blog you can get a 10% off all purchases from now until next year! Details are on the new business cards and on an earlier post on this blog.

That's work done for the day, now I have a very bouncy puppy demanding a walk, watch this space for new photo's :o)