Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Can I have the weekend back please? Lots of Seal pics...

Atlantic Grey Seal Mother and Pup
It's only Tuesday and what a week so far!
Firstly I'd like to apologise to my customers for the short delay in getting their parcels out, it seems Royal Mail have updated their online system and broken it.
After spending too much time trying to get online postage to work I admitted defeat and went back to good, old fashioned stamps.
Another mini crisis is my laptop is giving up the ghost, I'm fiddling with things and willing my reliable old work horse to keep going.
I know I'll have to get another soon, but I like this one, I have it set up just right for me and don't fancy starting all over again with a brand new system.
Oh and my washing machine decided to give up too! Why didn't it do that during summer when washing would dry outside quickly? No, it decides to go on the first damp foggy winters day of the year.

That's my moan out of the way, thanks for listening...
My weekend was wonderful, we went back to see how the Seals were getting on, they are doing very well, we were so lucky to see so many newborn Pups, I've added some of our photos to the Sunsets and Seascapes Facebook Page pop back there for more updates and pictures.

Below are just a tiny selection of photographs of the Seals on Saturday, it was a beautiful sunny winter morning and we could hear them before we got anywhere near the dunes, just the noise told us there were lots on the beach, as we climbed the dunes we were delighted to see them.

Many of the Pups had been born that night, and one was born just as we got there, truly beautiful, we watched it wobble around after a post birth sleep, then lift it's tiny little head to look around and take in the world before her, truly awesome!

Another little Pup was determined to get into the Sea, we watched as two other females chased him back onto land. See the photo's below of this little rebel, stubborn Seal Pup.

We stayed near one section of the beach to watch the colony, some were breeding, new Mothers were sleeping or feeding their Young and the males were fighting, one fight was exceptionally vicious and there was blood everywhere, neither Male wanted to back down, it went on for some time before the largest took over and chased the smaller, battered Male away
I hope you enjoy the photographs, there are many more I will get them onto the Sunsets website as soon as possible, I'm thinking of creating an Atlantic Grey Seal Calendar for 2012.
If I get a chance to get some printed before 2012 I'll let you know, meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photographs, they may take some time to load, but I'm sure they're worth the wait,

New Born Grey Seal Pup, Norfolk

Young Grey Seal Pup feeding

Born Saturday Morning! Just hours old

Newborn Grey Seal Pup calling Mum for a feed

About to see the world for the very first time
This little one tried to have an early swim but was sent back to the beach
It's feeding time again
Beautiful Newborn Grey Seal Pup
New Born about to open it's eyes
First glimpse of the world, New born Grey Seal Pup
Just Beautiful!

Water baby, determined to swim

Protective female sends pup back to shore

With a nip on the flipper and a little roar

Still determined!

Life's a beach

Atlantic Grey Seal Pup

A cool dip on a sunny day

Keen Swimmer

But I'm born to swim!

will be treble this size in days!

oh Hi

Mother with Pup

Protective Mother with Pup


Mum knows her Pup by scent

Beautiful Seal family

This Pups Mother had lost an eye, but was coping very well

little digger, this Seal Pup enjoyed burying her nose in the sand

New Mother and Pup

Being beautiful is exhausting!

Grey Seal family on Norfolk Beach

It's really not as peaceful as it seems...

well earned rest

Bright sunshine is such a shock to the system for a winter babe

But life is good

with food on tap

and plenty of entertainment

so tempted to go for a paddle....

flexing those awesome swimming muscles