Thursday, 4 October 2012

What's It Like To Walk The Kintyre Peninsula?

Nearby Woodland
It is certainly something I hope to do in time but not something I even considered before I got here!

I'm still finding my feet in this beautiful place, and adjusting to many changes in my life, besides, after spending a few years in a place with no hills I'm discovering long forgotten muscles and that's just while taking the dog for a walk!
It will be some time yet before I'm ready for that hike!

Until you've been here and seen it for yourself you just can't appreciate the sheer beauty, the place is so alive!
I feel very lucky to be here, and I am looking forward to sharing Jaimie's Photographs as well as joining him while he patiently waits for the Sea Otters, Dolphins, Seals, Deer and all the other wonders Kintyre is bursting with.

For now, here are just a few treasures just on our door step;

Our water supply

Our water comes direct from the hills, filtering through the heather and rocks, snaking down the hill through woodland before it meets the Loch.

Over the back is an untouched forest, no pathways, no signs of humans at all, everywhere you look are signs of life, little burrows, nests and runs.

I want to go back to sit quietly and observe the wildlife, however I love the fact there is no path and don't want to create one, so I'll probably watch from the sides and hope whatever is around gets used to my quiet presence.
From the edge of the forest
The other side of me is a Pine forest, the ground rich and green with moss.

The first photograph at the top shows one of the many Burns that run though it.
From my garden I've watched Crows over the tree tops chasing Buzzards away.

There are faint pathways in this woodland, but even still the ground is soft, green and lush.
Be careful where you tread, just strolling through I spotted a little Vole weaving through the mossy forest floor trying hard not to be seen.

Walk this way... Gently
I don't want to be seen!
I feel like I am intruding on their peaceful, untouched haven.

However, there are many places to walk, enjoy the scenery, fresh, clean air and Wildlife.
Be prepared though, the weather changes quickly.
The view from the (almost) top

The first time I climbed the hill after moving here it rained as we left, but as we climbed the sun dried our clothes, as we got higher the fog dampened our clothes again, but it's OK the wind blew the cloud away and dried our clothes once more!

What a view!
As you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy for now, but I'll keep climbing hills and hopping over burns until I'm ready.

If unlike me, you're fit and prepared for such a journey there is some fantastic information on this website.

Kintyre Way gives you all of the information you will need to prepare for your 87 mile hike across the Kintyre Peninsula.
A Beautiful walk!

For the super-fit, how about a trail run? 
Join the Kintyre Way Relay for the most scenic trail-run in Britain!

As well as organising the most scenic trail run in Britain that leaves me feeling faint just thinking about, there are also some great links of things to see and do while you are here on their website

Wonderful for those that have the training.
I'll just stick to waking up the dormant hill walking muscles of mine and admire their fantastic challenge from a distance.

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