Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Yes it's the latest fun board game you can base around your very best friend, if you loved monopoly you will love this game with a twist!
Have a tail -wagging good time with DOGOPOLY Board Game! It's a playful celebration of our wonderful canine friends! 
Around the board, you will find your favourite breeds, from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Great Dane. 
The fun includes buying dog houses that you can trade for big bones. 
Also, you may become the delighted owner of the local butcher shop; or perhaps the very popular fire hydrant! Collect $200 every time you pass Go Fetch! 
However, if you have fleas, you will end up paying $200! DOGOPOLY is great fun for your family and friends, and a perfect gift for dog lovers!
What's your breed?
Pet owners can choose from a generic Dogopoly, or find one of their very favourite breeds.

Labrador Owners will love Labopoly! 

LABOPOLY Board game is all about increasing property value by purchasing Toys for your Labs and trading them up to Big Bones. Enjoy your time in the land of Labs, and don't end up in the kennel!

Boxer owners will love Boxeropoly!

While they are certainly boisterous by nature, their intelligence is up there with the best of them. They fit easily into family life and thrive on being one of the "pack". Devoted and fearless, Boxers have an endless capacity to give love! Increase your rent by buying Toys for your dogs and upgrading them to Big Bones. Sounds easy enough until you get fleas, have an accident on the carpet, or worse yet, get sent to the kennel! 
So grab your token and advance to go Boxers
Who knows! You may soon be Best in Show...or marching in the Dog Parade! 
Whatever happens, keep your wag on!

CHIHUAHUAOPOLY Board Game fits the bill! 

The Chihuahua is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. 
It is generally believed that the smallest breed of dog with large eyes and generous ears descended from the Fennec Fox. 
Chihuahuas are graceful yet saucy. Keep that in mind as you pick your favourites and roll. You may win Best in Show!
Other breeds in the series, include Jack Russells, Boston Terriers, Pugs and Dachshunds!
It's not just all dogs though, cat lovers can also play with the cat version, Catopoly!

CATOPOLY Board Game is the purr-fect game for cat lovers! 

The Tonkinese, the Ragdoll, the Abyssinian, the Sphinx, or the Maine Coon will be waiting for you to purchase them. 
When you land on Catnip, everything in the centre of the board is yours! 
You can collect Litter Boxes, then trade them in for Fish Bones
Watch out for the hefty dog tax that gets you past the neighbourhood bully or a spike collared bulldog! 
Most importantly, do not fall in the water!
You will lose three turns if you do! A mad wet cat is an utter cat-astrophy!