Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Worlds Largest Pumpkin Zombie Sculpture

Awesome Zombie sculpture
I was intending to knuckle down and get straight to work today, but some things just stop you in your tracks...
like Ray Villafanes awesome Zombie sculpture.

I stumbled on it through a facebook link, you can view the story and larger, more detailed photos on  a screenshow here
The worlds largest Pumpkin is transformed into a freaky, frightening work of art. 
The Zombies look like they're about to reach out and grab you ready to feast on your brains!
Pumpkin soup anyone?

It inspired me to look up Ray Villafane and wow! Amazing work! 
Check out his gallery here
You have to check out the Predator and Medusa they are beautifully terrifying.
He has done many more Pumpkin sculptures, I'm sure like me you could get lost for hours in his gallery...