Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Zombie Gardens Undead Creepers

Outbreak Of The Undead
Flesh-hungry zombies will be clawing their way out of the grave and into your home or garden when you adopt a, post-apocalyptic vision of the living dead! 
This graveyard ghoul is cast in quality designer resin from bony fingers to silent scream and is hand-painted in corpse-like hues sure to make visitors squirm!

Zombie of Montclaire Moors

Capturing a truly haunting occurrence, this flesh-hungry zombie will claw his way out of your garden plot or family room corner to startle passersby!  
Not for the faint of heart, this life size, gray-toned reanimated corpse sculpture features the eeriest eyes you've ever seen. The undead garden statue hails from the famous Montclaire Moors - an area noted for numerous reported zombie sightings - and is so realistically sculpted that you'll swear you can hear him groaning!
Creeper From The Grave
This flesh hungry undead zombie garden ghoul will claw his way out of your Halloween night cemetery lawn or year round haunted house.

The Creeper, based on stories of ancient medieval druids, is clawing his way from the graveyard of your imagination and into your life! 
Painstakingly sculpted, this hooded Dark goth messenger with bony hands, is cast in designer resin to capture each eerie detail.
Also available here!

Creepy Things!

Creepy Things Wall Sculpture
Are you ready to creep everyone out this Halloween? Weird out your walls, give guests the creeps with some of our picks for the best Halloween ideas!
The Creepy Things Wall Sculpture above features eyes in the palms of a dead mans hands, oh yes the walls have eyes!
Ever wonder what bad dreams are made of? We dare you to close your eyes on this bizarre, Toscano-exclusive figurine that beckons from your wall with beady eyes, wrinkly skin and knobby claws!
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Be glad it’s not your bones that spell out this ghoulish welcome! By Artist Liam Manchester
Do you have trick or treaters at your door? Try to scare them away with Death himself telling them to go home, the message spelt out using the bones of previous visitors!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Sweet Deal From Swizzels Summer Fun

Summer Savings
As well as being your favourite sweets there is now a full range of summer fun products with swizzles sweets designs.
Save 25% now! Choose from a drumstick inflatable lounger, a love hearts cup with straw or a water bottle and beach towels featuring your favourite chewy sweets!

Win A Holiday Worth £5000!

Snap your Summer with Swizzels Summer special!
Are you jetting off on holiday this summer?
Maybe you’re planning a staycation? Or maybe you’re just enjoying a day out with friends or family?
Whatever your summer looks like, Swizzles want you to share it with them!

Snap, Share, Win!

Simply take a picture of yourself enjoying your summer with any Swizzels sweet, and submit it using the form here to be in with a chance of winning a holiday worth £5,000!
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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Offers That Are Out Of This World!

 Use code AREA51DT
Use code Area51DT
With all the talk of storming area 51 we have a far better way of you finding your own Alien or UFO without upsetting the US military!
Own your own Grey, you can even choose the size you require, how can you ignore this little cutie and how cool would he look greeting visitors to your home!
Own your own Grey
Fashioned after the creatures aboard the alleged UFO the Air Force said was a military surveillance balloon that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, this cool extra-terrestrial alien statue will become your favorite foreign, otherworldly mystery from outer space!
This friendly looking being from another planet is available in sizes from just 14 inches tall right up to life-size over 60 inches tall! A perfect prop for home or ET themed business.
 UFO crash landed in your garden!
UFO crash landed in your garden!

To complete the effect you can even plant your own UFO in your garden!

Below you can see a small window displaying other Alien products included in this special 20% discount code Area51DT out of this world offer!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Summer Deals On Outdoor Essentials This Season

Kids shields are a fun and practical way to offer protection while enjoying the outdoors in all seasons!
Lightweight, UPV 40, and comfortable, these Kids Shields™ wick away moisture, dry quickly and breathe well. 
During summer they protect from sunburn, insect bites, dust and sand, in Winter they offer protection from cold, wind, sand and dust.
The can be worn in many different ways, making keeping them handy until needed ideal!

73% Discount

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Adult Shields On Offer Too!


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Sunglasses in all styles are also included in the special summer deals, with many frames, lens styles and colours to choose from you could buy a pair to match your outfits, look cool and stay cool this summer!


Buy one get one free on Dog Shields too!
They are not just for fun! Each has a reflective strip to add to night time visibility, helping to keep your dog safe while looking stylish at the same time.

I saw it on SA Co

All designs available!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Zen Gardens Special Offers!

Save 15%
Tranquil Garden Water Features, Seats and Statues are currently on offer at Design Toscano, there is a huge range to chose from, I've selected a few of my favourites for this article, but you can view the full range on Offer Here!
Use code SERENE19 during checkout for the discount to apply.
Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain

Put the finishing touch on a special spot in your garden with the sparkling water music of this traditional, beautiful bamboo design fountain that gently spirals downward through seven bamboo pillars.  Features an integrated, UL-listed pump. Shown with the Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being Statue.

Toadally Cool!
I also love this larger than life comical meditating frog, he would look fantastic sat near a pond or water feature!
A quiet corner is the perfect location for the Baby Buddha Studying The Five Precepts.
Opening the book that reveals specific admonitions for ethical transgressions, the young scholar, Buddha, bows his head in peaceful meditation on the virtues said to bring welfare and true happiness.
Baby Buddha
The Five Precepts Stated Positively 
1. To the best of my ability, I will protect and support life and encourage the fulfilment of potential for love and understanding in others. 
2. To the best of my ability, I will take only what is freely given and vow to practice gratitude and generosity.
Leaping Tiger

3. To the best of my ability, I will respect and support on-going relationships, honour my commitments, and practice discernment between the beauty of Eros as a feeling and the compulsiveness to act it out. 
4. To the best of my ability, I will say what is true, useful, and timely and practice deep listening such that both my speaking and listening reflects loving-kindness and compassion. 
Light Up Pagoda Water Feature

5. To the best of my ability, I will maintain a clear and alert mind that is aware of its motivations, moment to moment, such that it can discern between what is the cause of suffering and what is not the cause of suffering.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

No-one Can Force You To Quit Smoking! But This Might Help...

As an ex-smoker myself I know how hard it is to quit, it doesn't matter how many gruesome, designed to shock medical anti-smoking images you see, or how often loved ones moan about the risks to your health, the smell, the cost.

You can only really quit when you are ready to.
I tried nicotine replacement products, I tried cold turkey, I tried psychology and I tried swapping one addiction with another (wholesale spogs, but lets not go there)  

It worked for me, but only after years of trying and failing.
You need to find the method that works for you and you need to be fully prepared and ready to quit.
I also found mobile phone apps worked, the constant encouragement and milestones really helped boost my confidence and made me determined not to put myself through each hellish stage over again. There are many freely available and well worth a look.

If you are planning on quitting and need a little extra support, Chemist Direct has a large range of products to help you, currently many of them are on sale, so even if you are not ready to stop today it could be worth stocking up in preparation.
The NHS also offers help and support every step of the way, take a look at NHS Smoke Free, the website is full of information and ideas to encourage you when you wobble, and you probably will. It's a difficult thing to do, so if you give up giving up, don't worry just try again next time you feel ready.
If you do order from Chemist Direct the following discount codes can be used in checkout;
Code - 5OFFLIV3 Promotion - £5 off orders over £50 PLUS free standard delivery Expires - 04-02-2021 
Code - 10OFFLIV3 Promotion - £10 off orders over £100 Expires - 04-02-2021
Chemist Direct often offer massive savings of many day to day products, so have a browse to make the most of the discounts, sales and free shipping deals!