Sunday, 15 July 2012

Encourage Wildlife Into Your Garden

Bat Box
No matter how large or small your garden, it's easy to turn it into a haven for wildlife.
There is a fantastic range of ready made homes for wildlife available online.

The Bat Box is designed to encourage bats to nest in your garden, it's rough sawn to give them grip and untreated to encourage them to roost.

As Bats are a protected species, you must not be tempted to open the box and have a peek, only persons licensed to handle bats should open this box.

Hogitat Hedgehog Shelter
A fun and easy way to discover if bats are nearby is either patience, or the perfect gift for gadget loving wildlife fans, the Magenta Bat 4 bat detector, available online, It converts bats' inaudible ultra-sonic sounds to frequencies in the range of human hearing and comes with a headphone socket and built in torch.

On the ground, protecting your garden from slugs and snails are Hedgehogs, Frogs and Toads, encourage them with plenty of safe shelters and places to hide during the day.

The Hogitat is a brilliant little shelter designed to blend in with your garden.
On the RSPB Website there is extensive information on how to encourage these wonderful little nocturnal creatures into your garden. 
The Frogitat
Frogs and Toads will love the little Frogitat, not only does it look great in a sheltered spot in your garden,  it gives them year-round protection from predators and with wet and dry floor areas it protects inhabitants from extreme temperatures. 

And, of course as you would expect, there are plenty of fun and practical ideas to encourage birds and insects into your garden, with little insect houses for ladybirds and other mini beasts . Bird homes and nest boxes and a fantastic range of bird food and feeders.

With a little time and patience your garden will soon be buzzing with a magnificent variety of wildlife!